Packing requires a major investment of time and effort, but when you’re moving, you have a lot of other things to do. Let the professionals at Nice Jewish Boy do the hard work for you. We start with a walk-through of your home or business. Your items’ care is our priority; we use only high-quality materials and clearly label all boxes.

Using a professional packing service offers a range of benefits; among the most significant are the time you save and increased safety that accompanies properly packed items. Though packing correctly often requires hours or even days, it helps ensure that your items arrive safe and sound. We don’t take this responsibility lightly: if you honor us with the job of packing your commercial or residential property, our team members will work both carefully and quickly. The packing process can include:

  • Bringing boxes of varying sizes
  • Including extra packing materials
  • Offering custom packing services, such as crating, for oversized or fragile items

When you hire Nice Jewish Boy to pack your belongings, expect our packing specialists to introduce themselves when they arrive. This way, you’ll be familiar with the names and faces of the people who will be working in your home or office. The team leader will walk through the space with you, noting each room’s special needs. All boxes will be clearly labeled and every item in your home or office — from paper clips to soup cans to large-screen televisions — will be included. During the entire packing process, our team will:

  • Treat you and your family or staff with courtesy and respect
  • Work quietly and cleanly
  • Address your concerns and questions promptly and politely
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