It’s important to choose a moving team that provides insurance options for clients. Nice Jewish Boy includes basic minimum liability insurance in our prices for both local and long-distance moves. If an item is lost or damaged, you can receive compensation of $.60 per pound per article, based on the weight of the affected item.

No one likes to imagine that their possessions could be damaged or lost; we do everything in our power to prevent such a situation. But just in case, we include insurance in the base price of our service at no extra charge for up to $.60 per pound per article. If you want extra coverage, we offer a Full Valuation Replacement policy that you can add on. Just give us a call to discuss details and applicable rates.

Our team of moving specialists will help you determine which insurance options best meet your needs. We can refer you to insurance providers that can tailor a policy to your specific requirements. You may want to contact your current insurance provider, as you may already have existing coverage for moving and/or storage. Our basic minimum liability insurance will cover your items for $.60 per pound and our full valuation replacement policies offer more comprehensive coverage. Our customer service team is happy to provide more details and rates; just give us a call.

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