Whether you’re moving across the city or just around the block, don’t worry — we specialize in local moves, or moves with pick-up and delivery within 100 miles. Reduce your stress with help from our team of moving specialists. They’ll offer guidance through every step — from providing a detailed estimate, to planning and packing, to transport and unpacking. You choose only the options you need. We even provide last-minute services.

Nice Jewish Boy has relocated more than 50,000 clientss in greater Los Angeles since 1985, so we know this city inside and out — and we understand the specific challenges associated with local moves within the L.A. area. Whether you’re moving 50 miles away or to a new floor in the same building, our team knows all the quirks and characteristics of the L.A.region. Our relocation specialists’ experience provides us with insider knowledge — such as that Hollywood has narrow, twisting roads but Sherman Oaks has good access, and that moves to Topanga Canyon usually require smaller vehicles than moves to Santa Monica, which has convenient freeway access. Our insider knowledge helps make planning and executing moves within Los Angeles hassle-free.

From start to finish, your local moving experience will be characterized by respect: Respect for you, your property and your budget. First, we’ll work together to create an inventory of all the items you need moved. Then, choose any optional services you might need — Do you want to pack your things yourself or would you like us to pack for you? Will you need storage? Do you have any fine art items that require special treatment? — as few or as many as you require to make your move smooth and stress-free. We’ll provide a detailed estimate. On moving day, we’ll arrive as scheduled and get right to work. We’ll deliver your belongings to your new home and place them right where you want them to be. Best of all, we’ll treat your valuables — no matter how large or small — with detail-oriented care.

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