Residential Storage

Nice Jewish Boy accommodates all of your residential storage needs, from short- to long-term solutions. Our private storage facility contains 11,000 square feet of clean, well-ventilated space — protected by constant surveillance and alarm monitoring — and we offer 5x7x7-foot containers. Our full-service storage service includes pick-up and delivery.

Our professional storage specialists work with you to tailor a storage plan, whether you need to store the contents of an entire, four-bedroom house for a few months or one large item for several years. Our team picks up your items and delivers them to our private, climate-controlled storage center, where your belongings are protected by 24/7 video surveillance, fire sprinklers and constant alarm monitoring. We also provide storage containers, each of which holds a full room of furniture.

Whether you’re moving into an apartment for a few months while your new home is being built or you’ve inherited some objects that you’d like to store, let us handle the details. Our team has been providing storage solutions for more than 25 years, so you can expect knowledgeable, friendly and professional service throughout the process. When you’re entrusting Nice Jewish Boy with your belongings, know that we will:

  • Clean and maintain the storage environment
  • Remain in contact with you regarding your items
  • Ensure your belongings are dry and secure

If you need to access your items, just call us. We’ll have them ready for you when you come to the storage facility. And, when you’re ready to move in to your new home, our team of experienced movers will deliver your items right to your door.

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